1. Justin

    Tilden Park, CA

  2. Catrina

    Point Reyes, California

  3. A week in the Bay Area.

  4. Spent a great week in the Bay area 

  5. Lightning storms and dust clouds. Somewhere in Utah.

  7. Ladies camping weekend in Moab!

  9. Image from my series, The Garden State, 2014

  10. Image from my series, The Garden State, 2014

  11. Spent the past days in the Uintas party barging on a freezing lake, riding in the back of trucks down mountain roads, camping in the back of the station wagon, spotting moose, making new friends, drinking around the campfire and celebrating Paige’s birthday!!!

  12. Typical days.

  13. Starting something new. Check it out!



    I have my sights set on finding land within the next ten years and beginning a career in agriculture. Though the path is uncertain, I am learning new things every day, and looking forward to what the future holds. This blog will be a journal of sorts. I’ll keep a record of what’s what and how things are coming along.

  14. Family in Utah last summer.

  15. New Jersey winter funeral, personal work